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    Consultation Overview
    I will call you from an outgoing phone line, number 864-593-1217, at your appointment time.

    Basic Qualification for BankruptcyPrior Bankruptcies

    • How long in SC? 
    • What County?
    • Persons in Household
    • Gross Monthly Income (Before all tax and deductions, the required multiple for a month is 4.33 weeks)
    • Last Year’s Gross Income

    Trustee’s efforts to liquidate or increase Chapter 13 plan payments: Non exempt equity in assets

    • Vehicles Titled in Your Name, Private Party Values
    • Rent or Own Your Home, FMV & Mortgage Balance
    • Other Real Estate, Other Personal Property of Value
    • Last Year’s Tax Refund / All tax returns that you are required to file must be filed prior to filing.

    Trustee’s efforts to liquidate or increase Chapter 13 plan payments: Preference and Fraudulent Transfers 

    Hearing question (transfers)

    • Have you transferred money or value (item, property or loan) more than $600 to a friend or family member in the last three years?

    Hearing questions (unusual income, spending detail)

    • Have you sold real estate or received inheritance in the last 10 years (If you receive inheritance during or 6 months after your bankruptcy, it may be used to pay your creditors).  
    • Have you settled lawsuits, Workers Compensation claims or withdrawn or closed retirement accounts in the last five years? 
    • Have you received insurance money from theft fire or other disaster in the last three years? 
    • Do you gamble?

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