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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Reasons to file Chapter 13 To qualify for a Chapter 13 you must demonstrate, through your bankruptcy documents, that you can pay into a 60 month plan the amount required by the bankruptcy code: What goes into a Chapter 13 plan payment? Read More If your income requires you to file a Chapter 13, the Bankruptcy Code… Read More »Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

      To qualify for Chapter 7, your monthly income less reasonable expenses must be less than the “median income” for South Carolina. Read more about Chapter 7. Chapter 7 allows you to eliminate unsecured debt such as credit card debt, medical bills, and auto repossessions. Liens, like mortgages and car loans, are not changed by Chapter 7.  With the exception… Read More »Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

      Bankruptcy stops creditors with the automatic stay

      Automatic Stay

        The automatic stay is a very important part of bankruptcy protection that takes effect when your case is filed with the South Carolina Bankruptcy Court. The automatic stay stops all collection action. “The automatic stay is one of the fundamental debtor protections provided by the bankruptcy laws. It gives the debtor a breathing spell from… Read More »Automatic Stay

        stop creditor harassment

        Stop Creditor Harassment

          Once you have started preparing your bankruptcy, you can use consumer protection laws to stop creditors from calling you, for family and your employer. After we complete your retainer agreement together, I will give you instructions to direct creditors to call my office for the duration of your case preparation. Redirecting calls because of representation… Read More »Stop Creditor Harassment

          Stop Foreclosure and Repossession

          Stop Foreclosures & Repossessions

            Foreclosure lawsuits are stopped immediately by Chapter 13 or Chapter 7. However, only Chapter 13 provides a way to force the creditor to accept repayment of a past due amount. Repossession efforts are stopped immediately by both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, however, how the debt is managed depends on the Chapter that you file.… Read More »Stop Foreclosures & Repossessions