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The information gathered during your bankruptcy preparation process allows us to provide the bankruptcy court the information required to successfully process your bankruptcy case. Rule 1007. Lists, Schedules and Statements; Time Limits (See also 11 U.S.C. § 521. Debtor’s duties)
Additionally, certain documents must be provided, or available, to the bankruptcy trustee. Rule 4002Duties of Debtor (See also 11 U.S.C. § 1308. Filing of prepetition tax returns.)


Thirty days from the date of the filing of your petition, you will have a hearing at the Bankruptcy Court in Greenville (at the current time this hearing is by phone) called the “341 Meeting of the Creditors”. You will be asked questions by the trustee of your case during your hearing.

You must provide a picture ID and Social Security card, tax returns, and any other requested information to your case trustee at least ten days before your 341 hearing.

(Watch a Video by Clicking Here: What Kind of Questions to Expect at a 341 Meeting.)


  • When you attend the meeting of creditors (also known as the 341 hearing), the trustee will ask you certain questions under oath. You need to simply give him/her the most accurate answers that you can. If you do not know the answer, simply say so. You have nothing to hide. The following are sample questions the trustees routinely ask in every case:
  • Have you read the bankruptcy Information sheet provided by the United States trustee’s office?
  • Are you personally familiar with the information contained in the petition, schedules, and other related documents filed with the court?
  • Did you read and sign the petition, schedule, statements, and related documents filed with your attorney?
  • To the best of your knowledge, is the information contained in the documents true and correct?
  • Did you list all of your assets? All of your creditors / liabilities?
  • Are there any errors or omissions you need to bring to the trustee’s attention at this time. Is there anything that you need to change?
  • Have you ever filed bankruptcy before?
  • What year did you buy your home? How much did you pay for it? Do you remember the purchase price? Have you had any appraisals on the property? What do you think it is worth?
  • What is the address of your present employer?
  • Do you have any domestic support obligations?
  • Have you transferred any property to a family member in the past six years?
  • Have you sold or transferred anything of value in the past six years?
  • Have you filed with the court all payment advices (paystubs) received within the 60 days prior to filing bankruptcy?
  • Did you tell your attorney about all of your sources of income received during the six months prior to filing bankruptcy?
  • Did that include any unusual sources of income during the past six months, such as inheritance, lottery winnings, insurance proceeds, retirement, or settlement of a Worker’s Compensation claim or lawsuit?
  • Have you filed all of your tax returns for the last four years.?
  • Do you expect to get a tax refund for the last tax year, or the present tax year?
  • Do you have anyone who lives with you that contributes to your household expenses?
  • How many people are in your household?
  • Have you been self employed in the last six years?
  • Have you transferred funds to a foreign bank account?