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Our bankruptcy process is easy. You work directly with your bankruptcy attorney in a series of telephone interviews.

During these interviews, you and the attorney review your specific facts to prepare your case and to ensure that you are ready for your bankruptcy hearing. Once your case is prepared, you have a final office appointment to review your case and sign the bankruptcy as required by law.

Your payment schedule will determine your case preparation schedule. Your case will be prepared in stages while you are making payments and you may refer your creditors to our office for all communication once you make your first payment.

Interview 1 

Qualification Check

Tax returns, proof of income and property questionnaire.
Bankruptcy documents that we will work on: the Means Test, Property Schedules

Interview 2

Hearing Questions: Procedural and Historical

During this interview we will practice all of your opening hearing questions and financial history hearing questions.
Bankruptcy documents that we will work on: the Petition & the Statement of Financial Affair

Interview 3

Personal Property Valuation

During this interview we will value all property as required in your property schedules and practice hearing questions related to property. Bankruptcy documents that we will work on: the Property Schedule

Interview 4


During this appointment we will review your bankruptcy credit reports and add any creditors to make sure all creditors are listed in your bankruptcy. Bankruptcy documents that we will on: the Creditor Schedules

Interview 5

Closing Documents and your Budget

During this appointment we will review proof of income and bank statements necessary to wrap up your case preparation and prepare your budget. After this call, you’re done preparing your case! Time for review, signing and filing!

Full Corrective Review

We will review and correct the entire filing in this 40 minute appointment.

You will receive your entire draft filing prior to this meeting.  It is too large to print (about 75 pages).
The best way to review this document with your attorney is to have downloaded the draft and have it open on a computer at the time of this appointment.

Signing & Filing

We will file your case on this day.

An Electronic Signature Document will be used at the time of signing and filing. We will file your case immediately after signing and you will receive your case number.
Your hearing date and time will be assigned upon filing.



Bankruptcy Court Hearing “341 Meeting”
The trustee of your case will ask you questions, under penalty of perjury, from the documents that we prepared during our interviews.
Driver’s License & Social Security Card are required
In no asset cases, the Discharge Order issues 60 days after your hearing.