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    Bankruptcy Process

    Thank you for considering us to represent you!

    Our bankruptcy process is easy. You work directly with your bankruptcy attorney in a series of four telephone interviews and one in-office “final review” appointment.

    During these interviews, you and the attorney review your specific facts to prepare your case and to ensure that you are ready for your bankruptcy hearing. Once your case is prepared, you have a final office appointment to review your case and sign the bankruptcy as required by law.

    Your payment schedule will determine your case preparation schedule. Your case will be prepared in stages while you are making payments and you may refer your creditors to our office for all communication once you make your first payment.

    Your case preparation schedule will include the following four phone appointments and one office appointment:

    1. Required Documents Review (PHONE)
    2. Statement of Financial Affairs & Income Verification (PHONE)
    3. Property and Expenses (PHONE)
    4. Credit Reports & Added Creditors (PHONE)
    5. Final Review, Document Signing & Hearing Prep (OFFICE)

    You will be asked to provide your

    1. last two years’ tax returns including W2s (all tax returns must be filed before your bankruptcy case can be filed), and
    2. six pay stubs or other proof of income, for example a Social Security benefits letter or retirement account statement.
      • If your income is higher and close to requiring Chapter 13 on your “means test” we may also ask for your first paystub of the year.

    Specific information is also necessary to identify your assets to the Court, VIN #s on vehicles, last four digits of all account numbers, detail of any jewelry of value, and make/model information on recreational vehicles, musical instruments and guns.

    Many trustee’s request ninety days of bank account statements from the date that you file your case for all bank accounts, so you need to be ready to provide these statements for the two months before your case is filed and for the month in which your case is filed.

    Remember that any transfers of money or other property to family or friends can make bankruptcy a less than ideal remedy, so make sure you disclose this to your attorney early in your preparation process.

    Click here to call 844-322-6932 or click here to self-schedule an appointment to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer to determine how bankruptcy protection is right for you. If you decide to move forward, we have a variety of payment options.