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In re Jones, 591 F.3d 308 (4th Cir. 2010)

SECTION 37-5-109. Default.

An agreement of the parties to a consumer credit transaction with respect to default on the part of the consumer is enforceable only to the extent that:

(1) the consumer fails to make a payment as required by agreement; provided, with respect to a consumer rental-purchase agreement, a lessee defaults when he fails to renew an agreement and fails to return the rented property or make arrangements for its return as provided for by the agreement; or

(2) the prospect of payment, performance, or realization of collateral is significantly impaired; the burden of establishing the prospect of significant impairment is on the creditor.

HISTORY: 1976 Act No. 686 Section 39; 1985 Act No. 121, Section 12.