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Debtor forged Credit Counseling date

    In re Ellenburg, C/A No. 22-00811-hb, slip op. (Bankr. D.S.C. May 18, 2022) Debtor’s case was dismissed with prejudice (can’t refile) after the Court determined that Debtor photo shopped the date on the Credit Counseling certificate.

    Filing a proof of claim

      “Simple as it seems, filing a proof of claim is a seminal act in bankruptcy that must be done right. Every time.” In re Milliman, C/A No. 17-10393, 2018 WL 1475937, at *3 In this case, In re Simmons, C/A No. 22-00680-eg, slip op. (Bankr. D.S.C. Aug 31, 2022, the Court awarded attorney’s fees and… Read More »Filing a proof of claim